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About Kirkhope Primary

Kirkhope Primary is a rural school enjoying a peaceful location in the village of Ettrickbridge, 7 miles from Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders.


The school is a small community with a composite class and a nursery where we are focused on the development of the whole person. A happy child, with positive self-esteem, is likely to be a successful learner.

We often join with Yarrow Primary school for exciting projects and outings.

“The ‘family’ atmosphere is great, I always feel confident that my child is being well cared for, with individual needs being met.”

Our Vision


Our vision is to create a safe, stimulating and healthy environment in which we can bring out the best in everyone.



both schoolseagleproject.jpg

“Because there are fewer children, we get more turns.”

Our school grounds incorporate the playground and enclosed grassed areas including vegetable and wildlife gardens. The school also has a nearby woodland area assigned for its use. For physical education pupils walk a short distance to access a sports field, tennis courts and the village hall.

Whenever possible we use our local environment and resources to support our learning and often take trips around the village, and the local woodlands, museums and businesses.



“I love Kirkhope Primary School

because we get to play in the wood and

build bug hotels.”

The school serves Ettrickbridge and the Ettrick Valley, but we also have children from outside our catchment area.

The Nursery serves both the Kirkhope and Yarrow Primary School catchments.


Free transport is provided for children who live more than 2 miles from school, but within the catchment.  Also privilege lifts can be often be awarded to pupils outwith the catchment, please contact Scottish Borders Council for more information.

For further information, see the Kirkhope Primary School Handbook.

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